EDEN: celebrating life at its best!
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  • 26 January 2021

EDEN: celebrating life at its best!

First used by eminent psychoanalyst Erich Fromm, biophilia was described as “the passionate love of life and of all that is alive ”. The term was later expanded to refer to the innate tendency of humans to affiliate with and flourish through interaction with nature, eventually giving rise to the field of biophilic design pioneered by the late Yale professor Stephen R. Kellert .

Today, biophilic design is an established discipline that seeks to promote improved health and wellbeing by creating connections between people and nature in the built environment , and it is upon such a robust scientific basis that the groundbreaking EDEN was designed to be the consummate “Home in a Garden ”.

Located at 2 Draycott Park, in the heart of the Ardmore-Draycott residential enclave often dubbed as the “Billionaires’ Belt”, the freehold EDEN is the remarkable brainchild of Swire Properties in collaboration with multiple award-winning designer Thomas Heatherwick, and aims to offer privileged residents unprecedented biophilic living amid the soothing embrace of lush flora.

In the words of its renowned designer, EDEN combines “the best bits of a house which has a garden with the best bits of an apartment which has incredible views, the potential for air and also the efficiency of being on one level”. The development therefore houses 20 highly exclusive homes, each occupying an entire floor for a seamless living experience over a generous 3,000 sq ft of space.

Inspired by bold design genius, EDEN makes a radical departure from convention: the traditional box-like layout, typical of many apartments, has been “pulled apart” in a tri-directional manner, creating space for nature to grow right in the middle of the apartment.

In diametrical contrast to the typical apartment featuring “a few flower pots on the balconies” , an EDEN apartment is a true biophilic home featuring a large central living space replete with abundant greenery, natural lighting from full-length windows on three sides and efficient cross ventilation that is a real alternative to air-conditioning.

Every home in EDEN enjoys its own sublimely curved hanging garden balcony, created to soften and naturalize the building’s angular geometry amid a dense urban landscape. With bespoke attention to details, each balcony is carefully crafted by hand, with beautiful sculptured, polished undersides – the result of extensive testing to find the perfect colour befitting the superlative stature and prestige of the development. It is then slotted individually into place, becoming an apartment’s own garden in the sky, delightfully adorned with a carefully curated selection of plants. Amid this enclave of tranquil greenery, residents can look forward to connecting with nature and enjoying exclusive moments of repose and rejuvenation all amid the privacy of their own homes.

Beyond the balcony, the design philosophy of amalgamating nature with the built environment permeates the entire apartment, first starting from the perimeter with the dramatic front door made from two robust pieces of solid walnut, onto which is carved the topography of Singapore itself.

The oak flooring – kindling the comforting warmth of wood – retains the natural grain and knots for a closer connection to the raw, unsullied beauty of nature, while the bathroom evokes the immensity and ancient grandeur of the Earth itself through 180-million-year-old limestone from the Jura Mountains in Germany with unique fossilised imprints intact. Over in the dry kitchen, residents can relish the fine luxury of a whole piece of rare Italian marble quarried from the mountains of the Italian city of Carrara, each and every unique piece with its soft, feathery veining in glorious display.

As Thomas Heatherwick aptly remarked, “We want the person who lives in each one of these homes to be able to smell and feel the qualities of nature around them.”

While the interiors are exceptional, the development’s exterior is equally remarkable and thoughtful. Just like the apartment’s main door, each and every concrete slab on the building’s façade is embossed with the geographical contours of Singapore’s terrain, and also features the outline of EDEN and its surrounding neighbourhood, including the famed Orchard.

The first apartment is elevated 23 metres above the ground, allowing residents in every home to enjoy panoramic views and excellent ventilation, while a soaring entrance atrium and an 18-metre-high lobby guarantees a grand entrance for everyone privileged enough to enter EDEN’s premises.

In addition to the glistening malls and hotels of Orchard Road which are within walking distance, EDEN also enjoys proximity to Singapore’s oldest and most exclusive private members’ establishment, the 154-year-old The Tanglin Club, while the prestigious American Club is just opposite the development. Prestigious educational institutions, exclusive private medical facilities and amazing lifestyle destinations such as the UNESCO-listed Singapore Botanic Gardens are in the vicinity, while the city’s Downtown Core is a short ten-minute drive away.

With a choice location in the heart of the city combined with a biophilic living experience like no other, EDEN – much like its underlying concept of “biophilia” – is a true celebration of life!

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