EDMUND TIE – Research & Consulting
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  • 09 July 2021

EDMUND TIE – Research & Consulting

EDMUND TIE is a full-service, real estate consulting firm that offers a comprehensive suite of agency and professional services with over 400 skilled professionals in the region. With more than 25 years of combined knowledge in business space, retail, industrial, residential, and hospitality, EDMUND TIE is uniquely equipped with the appropriate local and cultural knowledge to provide the highest quality of service. This level of intimacy with the local property landscape allows EDMUND TIE to provide one of its most sought-after functions: Research & Consulting.

As the thought centre of the company, the Research team synthesises information from top-down macroeconomic and ground-up operational perspectives to provide a holistic perspective of the prevailing real estate market climate as well as future trends shaping the industry. The Research team offers industry leading reports, analyses and updates on the latest trends in the real estate market, encompassing a broad range of asset classes such as investment, business space, retail, industrial, residential and hospitality. The views of Research are regularly published in the media, both local and international, and shared with industry stakeholders at public forums and closed-door sessions.

With its data driven approach, the Research team provides timely information through its quarterly Real Estate Times, Insight Papers and subscription-based Real Estate Perspective reports, helping clients to gain a deeper understanding of real estate markets to make informed and optimal real estate decisions. In production for over 15 years, the Real Estate Perspective provides comprehensive coverage and in-depth insights on all sectors of the Singapore property market, and long-time subscribers include property developers, financial institutions, institutional investors and government agencies.

Real estate demand is a derived demand and the Research team regularly digs deep into economic data to uncover insights on potential demand for real estate space and assets. Areas of research expertise include demographics analysis, housing affordability analysis, big data analysis of real estate caveats as well as an innate understanding of demand drivers of various segments of the real estate market. The Research team also regularly collaborates on consulting projects, rendering data and expertise while honing deeper insights in the process.

The Research team is staffed by a team of real estate professionals with real estate training and diverse backgrounds to provide alternative and multi-disciplinary perspectives on the real estate market. Regional thought papers are also regularly published in partnership with the real estate professionals based in the regional offices.

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